Water Water Everywhere And Not A Drop To Drink

The human body is made up of mostly water, and depends on water to keep the systems and muscles functioning properly. Because of this, a person must consume the necessary amount to keep their body functioning. It helps remove waste, regulate body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, and helps to cushion the joints.

Water intake can help or prevent a dry mouth, and if it has a proper amount of fluoride, can help prevent tooth decay and build strong teeth. For some people, the decision to buy bottled water or drink tap water is as simple as considering the cost. The NRDC reports that a five-year supply of bottled water costs more than $1,000, whereas the same amount of tap water costs $1.65.

So if you drink your tap water, you are saving yourself $998 every five years. That is $199 per year. For others, concern about the environmental impact of the 1.

5 million tons of plastic used each year to bottle water encourages them to choose tap water. Still others prefer the convenience of bottled water and choose it as a healthier alternative to soda, especially when dining out or grabbing a beverage on the go. Many people even believe that it is healthier than the water that comes right out of the tap. Choosing bottled water or tap water is an individual choice. One is not necessarily better than the other. People who may have a weakened immune system should consult their health care professional to discuss whether filtered tap water or bottled water is best.

There could be ingredients in both that could be harmful to someone with a lowered immune system. Water, as every one knows, is vital to living. It has several benefits. Here are just a few. * Water helps with digestion * Water regulates body temperature * Water promotes healthy skin * Water is a natural lubricant for joints * Water moves nutrients around the body * Water carries waste away The purported benefits of bottled water are equally well-marketed: * Bottled water tastes good * Bottled water is convenient * Bottled water is "pure and natural" There is one main difference between bottled and tap water, however. One word: Fluoride.

Many health experts believe that if you are only drinking bottled water, you could be missing out on important things. One of these things that naturally occur only in tap water is fluoride. Bottled water does not contain fluoride. In many communities where the naturally occurring fluoridation falls below the recommended level, a minute amount of fluoride is added to the water supply to make certain that residents are receive the optimal amount of fluoride.

While most bottled waters contain some levels of fluoride, it is usually not up to the optimal level to do any real good in a person. Some bottled waters even contain no fluoride whatsoever. When water is treated before it is bottled, it can lose its fluoride.

For example, many bottle water companies use a treatment called osmosis, or distillation. Through these processes, all fluoride is lost.

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