Something in the water

Brenda Goodman

AMERICANS WORRY that many substances lurk in the water: lead, bacteria and mercury, to name a few. Now scientists suggest we should be concerned about drugs as well.

Trouble on tap: what's really in your water?

Alan Pell Crawford

Terry Mejdrech's old home movies just don't afford the same enjoyment they once did. "When I look at those supposedly carefree images of our kids taking baths or laughing while they're splashing in the sprinkler out in the "

Bottled water is the greatest fraud in the whole history of food fetishism

Roger Scruton

Every now and then we winos take a day off from our strenuous duties in order to taste the substance of which we are 90 per cent composed. Instead of relying on our alcohol intake to biodegrade into water, we imbibe the stuff "

Saving lives through global safe water

James M. Hughes, Jeffrey P. Koplan

Unsafe water is a global public health threat, placing persons at risk for a host of diarrheal and other diseases as well as chemical intoxication. Unsanitary water has particularly devastating effects on young children in the