Bacon PreCooked vs Traditional

I have never met a person who didn't like bacon. It has all the qualities of a choice food, it is crispy, it is salty, it can be sweet and you can never have enough. In resent years, a new, pre-cooked bacon has shown up on the market.

Pre-cooked bacon offers advantages and disadvantages to traditional bacon. Pre-Cooked Bacon Advantages: * Ready to use- Pre-cooked bacon is ready to eat straight out of the package. There is no microwave, oven or stove required.

It is truly an open, eat, and enjoy food. * Easy to use- Pre-cooked bacon because it is a finished product is easy to use when making a fast dish. This lends itself well to busy families and hurried mornings. * Less waste- When you open a package of pre-cooked bacon you can use only what you need that day.

The rest of the bacon can be saved for use at a latter time. Pre-Cooked Bacon Disadvantages: * Price- Typically pre-cooked bacon will be higher in cost than traditional bacon. This disadvantage may in reality be an advantage when you consider that there is less waste with pre-cooked bacon because you are able to use only what you need and it has an extended shelf life. Traditional Bacon Advantages: * Less expensive- Traditional bacon is lower in cost because there is less processing required for the finished product. * Smell- There is something almost magical about bacon cooking.

The smell of cooking bacon wafting through the house brings the kids, the husband and even the teenagers out of hiding. * More choices- Currently there are more choices available on the market for traditional bacon than for pre-cooked. You can find thick sliced, thin sliced, maple, brown sugar, farmers cut, center cut and a variety of other types of traditional bacon. Both pre-cooked and traditional bacon can be used in sandwiches such as a BLT, salads, on baked potatoes, on burgers and in soups. So next time you are shopping for bacon consider what you plan to use it for and choose which is best for you pre-cooked bacon or traditional bacon. .

By: Shauna Hanus

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