Know your bartending schools

Finding a good Bartending School is for most an extremely rewarding investment and a good step to a fulfilling career. Bartenders who work at some of the hottest clubs in the country can make anything from $400-$600 a night, which is more than enough to live off and you would only have to work a couple of nights a week to have a decent lifestyle. For a lot of people who think that they can do a bartenders job no problem and join a bartender school expecting it to be easy work, think again?.WRONG!!! If you have ever really watched a bartender at work then you will notice that it takes a lot of concentration to deal with multiple orders for beers wine, and cocktails, while maintaining a good level of customer service and making sure the crowds happy as well as keeping the bar area tidy, multitasking of the magnitude takes more skill that you would imagine. But bartending can be a lot of fun as well, being in a good company of people, hearing the best music on the charts and meeting a lot of new and interesting people is well worth all the effort that you put in. When browsing the different bartending schools, one should consider a number of variables, does the school have a job scheme where they help you find your 1st bartending job and 1 of the most important factors, find a school that has a long standing service and a good track record behind them, try and stay away from cowboys.

To be a bartender is more than just having a knack for pouring drinks, there are a few other criteria that should be met before this career should undertaken, there is product knowledge as well as backup knowledge, a good knowledge of different liquors and there measurements, cocktail knowledge would also be essential but this will all bee taught to you at the school for bartenders. Working as a bartender is all about personality, product knowledge come second, the key to a successful bartender in any establishment is to make the patrons feel really welcome and provide excellent service! If you notice the way bartenders conduct them selves, the more confident a bartender carries himself and entertains the crowd the more tips he is likely to make during a night.

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