Italian Bakery

Bakeries are found aplenty around the world. The items that are typically found in bakeries are cakes, puffs, biscuits, cookies and other snacks. However, the Italian bakery is one kind of a bakery that produces different goodies in addition to the staples.The Cannoli can be called the signature item of Italian bakeries, with a fried wine dough shell that is stuffed with a sweet ricotta filling and fresh chocolate custard. The Napoleon is another three-layered crisp pastry that is filled with Bavarian custard and is then iced with fondant and nuts. Another Italian treat is the Sfogliatelle, which literally means "multi layered".

It is a crispy shell stuffed with a baked ricotta cream, along with pieces of candied fruit inside. Ladylocks is a ladylock shell that is stuffed with fresh vanilla custard and has a cherry in the middle. These are just some of the different pastries that are found in Italian bakeries.

Along with pastries, one can try various cream pies like banana cream whipped cream pie, Dutch Apple pie, banana cream meringue and fudge pecan. Another favorite is obviously the pizza. This is usually easy to make, as it uses a common base for the pizza; the toppings are the parts where one can use imagination to produce delicious and exciting pizzas!.Italian cookies are usually sold by the pound. There are various types of cookies that are found here that are quite similar to our own cookie assortment.

However, in the case of Italian cookies, you can easily get about two dozen cookies in an assortment of one pound of biscuits. Basically, Italian bakeries have the same things we serve in a typical bakery, only with some variety. You needn't go to Italy?often, an Italian bakery is bound to be found in your hometown!.

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By: Eddie Tobey

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