Healthy Grains Brown Rice and Rice Bran

When thinking of healthy foods does brown rice or rice bran come to mind? It is common for us to have a list of favored healthy foods; our favorite fruits and vegetables; skinless white meat chicken; yogurt and low fat cheese. Then there is that list of foods that brown rice may be on. The list of foods one knows is healthy like brown rice or rice bran and maybe they'll try it one day; or not. Healthy grains like brown rice or rice bran are usually on this list. Consciously, the choice is made for white rice instead of brown rice; processed baked goods instead of something with perhaps a healthy grain like rice bran on the ingredient list. We opt out of the chewy texture and nutty flavor of a natural whole grain item like brown rice; or the unexpected sweetness of a rice bran product? If you had a choice and were ordering take out, would you look on the menu for brown rice? Would you go out of your way to inquire if brown rice were available at your local Asian restaurant? I'm not talking about the fried rice that just happens to be brown from the cooking and seasoning process; I'm talking about unadulterated brown rice.

Hopefully we haven't lost something in the low-carb revolution; the part of the message about needing grains like brown rice in our diets to aid in digestion; fight constipation; control blood pressure; and perhaps lower LDL cholesterol in the fight against heart disease. In addition brown rice provides our bodies with healthy nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, copper, thiamin, niacin, fiber, iron and vitamin B-6. Brown rice is a staple with other healthy grains in vegetarian and macrobiotic diets for these nutrients. It also has three quarters more dietary fiber than white rice. The benefits of whole grains may not mean that every individual on the planet needs to follow the recommended guidelines. Individuals seeking medical attention for diabetes or allergies may receive special nutritional advice from professionals regarding their diet.

However adding the right mix of vegetables and healthy grains to your diet is smart eating. No doubt your taste buds will need some time to adjust. Make your brown rice selection with care. Check labels to ensure a freshness packing date. Since brown rice hasn't been through the same processes as white rice the expiration date may not be as lengthy. Stale brown rice will taste rancid and shouldn't be eaten.

Make the transition of adding brown rice or rice bran to your diet a slow process. Gradually swap out processed foods for a smart food like brown rice and rice bran. Read ingredient labels; find whole grain breads that list rice bran in the first few ingredients.

Ask your favorite Asian restaurant if they serve brown rice in place of white rice. Mix it with white rice in a favorite recipe like stuffed peppers until you're used to the nutty whole grain goodness of the brown rice on its own. In no time your taste buds will be thanking you.

Learn how to stay healthy naturally with rice bran.

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