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Like many Asian cuisines, Thai cooking is a "throw-together" style of cooking that allows much room for creativity. Instead of letting a cookbook dictate what goes into a meal, the foods in season and available fresh at the marketplace are the important deciding factors of what will appear on the menu. In Thailand, The main Thai food is rice. but as eating rice alone doesn't fit well so there are many dishes that are hot and spicy to go with it and that is what Thai food is famous for. Some of the all time favorites for Thai food are:Tom Yam Kung (spicy shrimp soup) , Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai (green chicken curry), Phat Thai (fried noodles of Thai style), Phat Kaphrao (meat fried with sweet basils) and Kaeng Phet Pet Yang (roast duck curry).

Though the major portion of Thai food is described as being spicy and chilli hot, it currently enjoys worldwide popularity especially the exotic Tom Yam Kung that is renowned for its simplicity, creativity, artistic flair and delicious taste. Above all, the tastes of Thai cuisines can be amended to suit individual desire, for example, by reducing the amount of chillies in certain dishes to lower the heat or increasing amount of lime juice to increase sourness. Visitors who have tried the exotic Thai food at New York City Restaurants will never forget to order them again whenever their favorite dishes are available.

The food joints in Fine Dining New York offering Thai food are: Chelsea Thai,Joey Thai,Krour Thai, Lemongrass Grill, Limeleaf, Pooket and Red Garlic. Source: Eats blog For more details visit .


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