Europe Is Wine Country

Europe's wine countries include France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and England. Italy used to be known as "Oenotria" by the Greeks, which translates to "the land of wine." Italy produces more wine than any other country in the world. Some of the famous wine-producing regions in Italy are Valle D'Aosta, Lombardy, Veneto, Umbria, and, of course, Tuscany. The very nature of the land that produces the wonderful grapes that are used to make fine wine is one of beauty and romance.

So it stands to reason that the wine-producing regions of the world are also the most frequently chosen destinations for honeymooners. Even though Italy produces the most wine, that doesn't mean that it has the wine market cornered…or the honeymoon market, for that matter. http://recipedotcom.

com/drinks/ The wine produced in France is possibly the country most famous for producing fine wines. As a matter of fact, when many people think of fine wine, they think of French wine first. France has a long and storied wine-producing history, and French wine has become somewhat of the "gold standard" by which all other wines are judged.

Spain is quickly becoming a wine-producing country to be reckoned with. The wines that are produced in Spain taste fruitier rather than woody. Most of the success that Spain is enjoying as a wine-producing country can be attributed to their fastidious attention to quality. Germany struggles to become a contender in the world of wine producers. It has had a hard time gaining any respect.

Germany is famous for beer and breaking into the wine market has proven to be a difficult undertaking. But they are working on the problem and they are making some progress. There are many fine wines that are produced in Europe, and you really can say that Europe is wine country.

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