A New Era for Lundys Restaurant Regaining the Glory ofYesteryear

It was announced in November that the Brooklyn Landmark restaurant "Lundy Brothers Restaurant" or commonly known as "Lundy's Restaurant", once the largest restaurant in the United States, has changed ownership. The former owners of Lundy's Restaurant were a publicly traded company by the name of Tam Restaurants, Inc ( OTC:TAMR ). From reports and articles that were published, Tam Restaurants faced several downfalls one of which was Lundy's Restaurant. The quality of food suffered at Lundy's and the customers were driven away. With the new owners and operators in place, "The Players Club", a family owned business that is run by Mrs. Afrodite Dimitroulakos, a veteran of the restaurant industry, the image of Lundy's is about to change for the better.

With the new Executive Chef Russell Guarneri whipping together magnificent cuisine, Lundy's has received raves from both new customers and customers that were driven away by the former operators. The reputation that was acquired over the past few years was negative, Lundy's used to be a tradition for Brooklynites since 1934, when the doors were shut for 17 years and then reopened by Tam Restaurants, Inc , the customers came back. They were proud that the world famous Brooklyn Landmark had opened it's heavy doors once more. Though it was half the size, seating over 700 instead of 2,400, customers still recalled the restaurants glory when they witnessed people waiting in line around the corner just to sit and eat at this great restaurant. Now under new ownership and management, the family owned "Players Club" dba Lundy Brothers Restaurant has all intentions of bringing this glorious Brooklyn Landmark back to where it belongs.

They plan on bringing back those loyal customers and reintroducing them to the glory of Lundy's, they plan on attracting new customers that will be able to call Lundy's their tradition. According to "The Players Club", "Lundy's deserves better than it has received, this is an historic place, families made this their tradition year in and year out, we want to let the Brooklyn Community know that we have full intentions of bringing Lundy's back to it's former glory, we invite them to come down and judge for themselves" stated Dimitroulakos. She went on to also say "We even want to invite the Brooklyn newspapers and television news reporters to see for themselves the progress that we are making and will continue to make, we are not just doing this for our immediate family but also for our extended Brooklyn family.

We live in Brooklyn, raised our children in Brooklyn and are excited that we have an opportunity to make a positive impact on our community." Their catering business is growing, they offer several different packages for weddings, corporate events, business gatherings, luncheon's, and brunch. If you haven't been to Lundy's before then it's your chance to get acquainted with them, if you have been to Lundy's before then get reacquainted with them. Walk in and shake hands with the owners, sit by the clam bar and talk to one of the many "Brooklyn Historians" that work at Lundy's like Drew who runs the clam bar, or Chris who is a member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and a walking Brooklyn reference book. You can even meet the Exec Chef Russell Guarneri and see what new cuisine he has on tap for the night.

You can even just come to sit at the bar on a Saturday night, meet some new people and enjoy some clams. Come on a Sunday for brunch and watch the game on the televisions above the bar. This is a new era for Lundy's and with support from the Brooklyn Community the Brooklyn Landmark that is also known as a "Brooklyn Tradition" to most, can be brought back to it's glory.

The Place: Lundy's Restaurant 1901 Emmons Avenue Brooklyn NY 11235 .

By: Louis Victor

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